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Aug. 28th, 2012

Kitten In Pink

Once upon a time ...

lol ... I forgot I had this.

There has been a lot of growing up since then and a lot that has happened. I'm a little floored.

On a side note, the picture of my avatar is awesome!

Aug. 3rd, 2007


My Aeschylus

Soo ... it started out as a lynx and has gone through a hare, a ferret like thing, a fox, and a bumblebee. Crazy.

Apr. 3rd, 2007

Kitten In Pink

Don't feed me violence just run with me through rows of speeding cars

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Apr. 2nd, 2007


" Let Me See What Spring Is Like In Jupiter and Mars"

Totally did not see where the hell this weekned went but loved it nonetheless. As always, I did not get anything done.

Friday was hectic since I had to do so much shit. Rawr. But I managed and now I have done so much extra credit that it really makes me happy. I went with Sindu to the Tatiana de la tierra keynote. It was amazing like cheese. Lol. Then we went back to my place to play some Wii. OH WII! I love Wii! Then I kinda just hung out with Josh for the rest of the night. It was great and a good night in.

Saturday was intense. B brought back Guitar Hero from Tyler's and we went at it for like six hours. Art, Josh, Sam, and Woung all stopped by. It was great. LOVED IT. I played it after B and Tyler left. Heheh. I was trying to get better at it. I did not want to be stuck at easy when everyone else was moving on up. =P

And Sunday, woo! I went to the Nebraska Pride Network meeting. Three hours of talking in order to make the mission statement and the vision. It was great. I'm really excited for this group and hope it can really get its kick off the ground like no other. I got to know Catherine a little better and Mary as well. Woooo hoo! Then met some other kids. I was excited. I love to meet new people. <33333

I came back and Sam and B hung out again. Damn. I realize now that I have not gotten anything done this weekend but I am not regretting it. I loved my weekend and purely enjoyed it. I can't way to be carefree of classes for a little bit in the summer. Gonna be living in Lincoln and taking classes but it should not be as bad as it is now. Woo.

Anyways, I have an exam tomorrow apparently. I just found this out not too long ago as I looked at my syllabus. But eh, its Police and Society. I have like a 95 in there right now. Not too worried about anything in that class. It's TOO EASY. I just hate going to class for it. BLEH But in any case, I should probably study.

On a sidenote ... I came to figure out that I really am carefree in my life. Well, carefree to a degree that I thought I wasn't before. I have talked about such things with people before, about not caring and what not. I realized that I did that all too effectively nowadays. Granted, some things would suck if they happened but I am the type of person that will be bummed out about it for a little bit and move on with life later. I mean, hell, what's the purpose of being hung up on an issue? Well, I guess that's my way of looking at life. Some may not agree but then again, that is why we are all different. As to why I ramble on this topic it is because of a friendship gone awry. Things happened and we split for a while. When we started talking again, we found that we were being silly but at the same time, neither one of us trusted the other. I treated the friendship as starting new, from scratch but she did not want that. Then I said mean, bitchy things which I know I say because that is just who I am. Now, I know others may not agree but eh... Anyways, like I said, it is no skin off my back when things happen. I've lost friends over arguments and when a compromise could not be reached, we have parted ways. Sometimes it sucked and sometimes it was like "eh, okay". I guess sometimes I just reach the end of the line with some people. Weird.

I also found out that things are stewing and I am suspicious of a few people. Time to confront!

That and I wish I could love everyone in the way they wished. I know for a fact I have a few people out there that love me in a way I could never (or currently can't) love them back as they would want me to. But like I point out almost all the time " Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want doesn't mean they don't love you with all that they have". Love my facebook quote. I feel bad sometimes hanging out with them because I know I am a flirt and by gods others have told me that I send the wrong messages. Why can't I send the wrong message to the right person? The right person being the person I like? lol. Well, that can be convoluted since there are a lot of people I like. =P

Amanda did not call me back, that bitch.

There might be a possibility of me going out to NY again this summer! WOOOT

BUT ... I think I've ranted enough. I love Guitar Hero.

Mar. 31st, 2007

Kitten In Pink

" Here's the day you though would never come "

Hmm ... yeah. So I'm going to say I forgot about this journal thing blah, what the hell. I've just been too busy with my friends and school work period. =)

I want this semester to be over. I'm quite done writing flipping papers for Rhetorical Practice when the professor does not even know what the hell she is talking about. I do shake my fist angrily at her! I need at least a B in that flipping class. On the other hand, Sociology is still kicking my ass but for the effort I put into it, I am not minding it. My crim classes ... haha ... EXTRA CREDIT GALORE! Kinda like my abnormal psych. Heheh. I don't mind my classes, I just need a change, pronto!

I <3 Derek and Art. They make me chuckle all too much. Thursday night was crazy but we managed to make something out of it. And Amber broke up with her girlfriend of six days? That was interesting. We'll see where that goes. She still hasn't talked to me about it but eh, if they want to come to me, sweet, if not, I'm not going to pursue them.

Erin and Sarah, interesting couple. Not going to lie. And frankly, that's all I have to say.

As for my poor Josh, that Mr. Jesse needs to get his head out of the clouds and realize what he is missing. Josh is an amazing person and wants to try so hard to make it work. Alas, I think Jesse is still hiding something or does not want to let anyone in. He sounds like I was before, one of those that needed to be happy for everyone else and what not. Yeah, that life sucks.

Yay! I'm a board member for the Nebraska Pride Network!

I went to a Drag Show on Wednesday night. Some benefit that was held for the Rugby team in Lincoln and saw Amanda. Wow. I had not seen Amanda in the longest ass time. I was sorta happy sorta awkward in that moment. She told me she wanted to hang out with me some more and I was like. O_o Really? Deh...probably a Rugby game and a party tonight! Kinda want to take up a sport and rugby seemed pretty cool. I, unfortunately, forgot to fill out the interest form. Way to go, Tanya.

In any case, Tomie Sky, TJ Romance, C Styles, Rod Stash, and Dr. Gay were amazing as Crush. I have fallen in love again. Not to mention that individually, they are great Drag Kings. Hmm yeah. It was an extremely fun show with a lot of new surprises. I still think Destiney is amazing. Oh, let us not forget Alexus Raye.

Anyways, looking forward to this summer! Everything is falling into place. I have my summer classes lined up and a place to stay. I have also managed to book a flight to El Salvador for four people at under seven hundred dollars each. Yeah, I'm amazing. I think I might be putting in my two weeks for Target this summer ... I won't be there for long if I go back. Perhaps two weeks at most. Intense.

As to drama, Shannon tried to strike up some. If she thinks she can ruin a friendship, she's dead ass wrong. In any point, she ruined MY trust in her. So much for staying close friends huh? Whatever. I told her and she attempted to step into it. Der. Sometimes I seriously wonder what the hell is going on in people's heads when they think they can change someone's mind. You can try but as for me, most of the time I am dead set and determined. =P

Josh still slumbers and I need food. Tata.

Mar. 4th, 2007

Kitten In Pink

I like when you sleep, here

what a weekend.

I was really bummed that I could not go out and visit Sarah but I guess it was for the best. I want to continue living and the weather conditions were bad eventhough Lincoln's and Waterloo's were pretty awesome. It sucked nonetheless. Hope she had a great birthday party. ;D I talked to her for an hour that night when I got drunk. Crazy shite.

Otherwise, hung out with Rachael a whole lot. Erin keeps giving me crap about that but in reality, I just see it as haning out with the girl. I'm not dating Rachael, in fact, she is seeing a boy, excuse me, a guy. Yeah so I told both Sarah and Erin that and that I wasn't going to look more into the situation. Peh.

I got drunk with them on Friday. Fun times. Love Sarah and Erin. They are cute together.

I resigned from the Leadership Team so I no longer have to worry about that and whatever shit comes from that. Hardy har har

On Wednesday, I went to the QSA Thank You show. It was amazing. UH-MAZE-ING! Those Drag Kings were the shit. I have an innocent crush on Dr. Gay. hehehe. Makes me chuckle. More so a crush at the woman underneath it all. Rawr.

I'm going up to Minneapolis for Spring Break. It's great. Hoping to have some serious fun. I still think that I will visit Sarah at some point and seriously have some heart to heart talks. I hate that other people conspired to show me to be some ... gah. I'm really not a bad person. I admit that I have my faults but geez ...

Anyways, I'm working and I'm tired. I dyed my hair blue but you can hardly see it unless you are looking right at it. I think next time, I'm just going to leave it bleached. It looked pretty awesome just bleached.

I haven't done a shred of homework but I've had fun all this weekend. I've spent so much time away from the dorm its crazeh.

Feb. 19th, 2007

Gummi Sex

Openly Gay and PROUD

aaahh. I'm so tired! This weekend was a blast up at the BIG GAY Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was so psyched to go up there. It was everything I thought it would be and I'm glad I went this year. I know there were some problems last year but this year, it was great.
Margaret Cho was there! Omigod, she was amazing. She had me in stitches for the last bit. I had seen some of her material before but seeing her was just as amazing. I mean, most of the stuff she said, in context, was not terribly funny but the way she said it paired up with her facial expressions was enough. Gods ... I enjoyed myself so much in that bit.

Then there were the workshops. And wow workshops. It was so uberly amazing that I wanted to go to all of them but alas, I could not. Meh. I went to a lot of leadership ones simply because I want to help out QSA and what not. It was cool and I got a lot of good resources. Sah!

Only one thing I have to complain. Okay, maybe two. One, the cold. Two, some people. Gawd. Sometimes you just need to punch some people in the face to make them realize that they are being obnoxious. Hehe. I told them upright though. Told them right to their face, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I was amazed at myself. It seemed like I took hold of my leadership position and held like fuck.

The drive up there was way too long. But next year it is going to be longer. CHAMPAGNE, Illinois! I'm so excited already! Anyways, eight hours ish up to Minneapolis within three different vans. We left at four forty five in the morning from Lincoln and did not get to Minneapolis until about twelve thirty, one ish. On the drive up there, we only have four people in our van. It was the most awesome van EVER! Sarah, Erin, Josh, and I. The other vans had seven people. Haha. I was like ... erm ... we have space but I am not going to complain if you want to stay over there. We have fun going up there. I drove from Des Moines up because Sarah had to take vicodin (sp?) and was loopy. Yay, I drove. LIKE A MAD WOMAN IN MINNEAPOLIS! The way back, I drove for the first bit. Sindu and Cammers joined us for the ride back. It was awesome too. We kept making signs for Kyle because he was a dumbass and what not when he was driving. I'm just glad we made it SAFELY back.

I met a lot of people. Amazing people. SO MANY GAY PEOPLE! I wish I could surround myself with that many people all the time. Then again, I realize that there might be some repercussions to that. Yeah ... some of those people were bitchy. Meh. I like our group. We are THE SHIT. It was weird because so many people looked familiar and then BAM, I ran into Andrew Minard. I was like " WHOA, PONY! WHAT IS GOING ON!?" So I said hi, I think I freaked him out. Meh, I recognized him from seeing him in a picture with Amber and from being Sarah D. friend. I was ecstatic, thinking that maybe Sarah was there too. Alas, she wasn't but that's okay I guess. I told him to say hello to her for me, we'll see how that goes.

The speakers were THE SHIT! Loren Cameron was amazing. I thought it was cute that Cammers got his autograph and I contributed to getting Cammers a picture with Loren. The presentation was amazing. All those pictures of so many people that were transgendered individuals! His stories were amazing too. I did not get to go see Robyn but she was apparently amazing too. Damn. Oh well.

Hung out with Derek a whole lot too. Got to know him a little bit better and I realized that he is a jerk to me because he loves me. Haha. We leadership team people are going to pwn next year. We BETTER get elected. WE ARE GOING TO DO IT! Sarah, Derek, and I fo' sho'.

AAHH!! SO MANY GOOD MEMORIES! ...except of the cold. It was uberly cold.

Otherwise, I have not gotten any of my homework done for this weekend since I spent it having fun in Minneapolis. It sucked that Sarah lost her wallet and Derek and I had to scrounge up and put the room bills on our cards. I hope she gets it all sorted out and it turns out well. Fucker that took her wallet ended up buying stuff later that day. Grr. People make me mad.

Um ...yeah. I think that is it for now. I can probably talk on forever but I need to go read or do some homework. =)

P.S. I'm so excited for the Nebraska Conference. As the committee chair for it, I believe we can put it on and get it rocking and rolling. Sarah thinks we can host the Alphabet Soup conference some year. It'd be a lot of work but THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! We are thinking, 2010. HELL YEAH!

P.P.S Brenna and I got into the VILLAGE! HOW GREAT IS THAT?! Kinda feel bad though. Sarah wanted to live with me and I don't think she has anyone to live with. =( I'd live with her and be it though I love the girl to death, it'd be somewhat weird. I'm so torn. I wanted to live off campus and kinda wished there for a while that Brenna and I would not get in. We did. Damnit, I love Sarah too much.

Jan. 24th, 2007

Kitten In Pink

I like to laugh so my friends don't know

RAWR. I'm tired. I'm going on about four hours of sleep and sleep time is not looking like it is in my near future. Soemtimes, I just feel like I am walking on air and others, I am just dying. But in other news, met this really sweet guy in English. He amazes me! He totally made a messenger by out of a coat he had and a car seatbelt! I could have sworn my mouth dropped when he told me that. I had seen his bag before and figured he had gotten it somewhere ... perhaps AE? I looked like some abercrombie and fitch paraphenilia. Even better, he lives on campus. Woot. Fun times. Meh ... signups for housing are coming up soon and I better get into effing village or courtyards. Fuckers...

Jan. 17th, 2007

Kitten In Red

Sweet is the sight of her room ...

UPDATE! Anyways ... 18 credit hours ... that's all I have to say about this semester. Plus on a given week I will be working 18 hours at the night desk. Wonderful isn't it? Anyways, I'm alive. Deal with it, however elusive I might still be. =) Love my classes even if I know they will kick my ass at one point. At least I only have ONE cummulative final this semester! How did I score that? I'm just amazing like that. Hopefully will go home this weekend, MISS THE *RENTS! Um ... Nebraska Refund Check = Spending money. =DDDD Otherwise, I'm happy except for one of the few things that always nags at me. Meh, oh well. I just really want to be comfortable and worry free ... like this amazing CAT!

Jan. 8th, 2007

Slapping Pikachus

Don't Know How Much Time Has Passed ...

Woo! Not having internet really sucks! For anyone that didn't already know that. Oh well, now I'm here and back in Lincoln. That is mighty sweet ass!

Anyways, did well on finals. A's and B's all the way! Amazing how I've lowered my standard and accept B's just as much as A's. Meh. Guess one has to live with them unless they want to retake a class over and over again.

Got awesome presents for Christmas. Stereo and hoodies and ... to die for! Hehe. Wireless router too. Well ... not the router itself but money to get it. It's great. Now, if only I can get my hands on the Wii!

Worked a lot and partied hard at Sioux City. I've gotten a new form of appreciation for the people that work there. We are so awesome to each other and even if we leave, we still care a lot. Miss Raley and Jenny already. I think I might just have to go back during the summer. Fuck this shit about staying here all summer. Might take like two classes either in the beginning or the end. I definately want to hang out with Miss Jenny and Miss Raley again. I want to see Derek's pong table...lol.

Um ... yeah. This semester is going to kill me. However, it is exciting. Lovely. I hope to make it through, alive. =)

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